Is it possible to cure cerebral palsy?

Medical literature says no, but sometimes with adequate intensive rehabilitation the improvement can be so great that it could justify the usage of the word cure.

Sometimes with adequate intensive rehabilitation children with high risk for developing cerebral palsy don't develop it. Can we call it cure?

Strictly speaking –no.  Cerebral palsy cannot be cured. But there is so much that can be done with intensive rehabilitation, patience, lot of work and even more love.

Improvements can be really significant, although, not always, not in every child.  But in majority – yes. Even so, if a child is young – the younger the better. You cannot start treatment to soon!

If your child is at risk for developing cerebral palsy, if it has it already diagnosed, and if you are willing to put effort in helping your child, read our pages through and think.

"Children who said no to CEREBRAL PALSY"
short film recorded in Polyclinic Stojčević Polovina,
presented in the scientific part of the programme on
European Academy for Children Disability 2010 in Brussels

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