The Polyclinic is located in Kosirnikova Street in a peaceful neighbourhood close to the "Sestre Milosrdnice" University Hospital (or "Vinogradska Hospital", as it is known locally). It is easy to find since it branches off of Vinogradska Street, just across from the hospital driveway. Even though it is in the centre of Zagreb, there are enough parking spaces, so parking is usually not a problem.

If you come here from outside of Zagreb, the way to get to the polyclinic depends on the highway exit (Zagreb south- Rotor (the big roundabout) - Jadran Bridge - Selska street; Zagreb west- Slavonska avenue- Selska street; Zagreb east- Slavonska avenue- Selska street).  The exit at Selska street is easily recognized by the Trešnjevka Theatre, with its colourful tiled facade that can easily be spotted. Drive straight along Selska Street, then turn left into Baruna Filipovića Road, then right onto Slovenska Street, then follow Slovenska past the West Zagreb Train Station, then turn left at Republike Austrije Street; turn left again at Ilica Street and right into Vinogradska Street. It is not as complicated as it sounds! Please ask for detailed directions from the staff of the polyclinic, or take a look at the map of the city.

As all of the clinic's patients are children, we have adapted our premises to suit them. All the rooms are colourful, filled with toys, children's pictures and posters, by which we have tried to minimise the atmosphere of a medical institution. The waiting room looks more like a living room or family room where children can play or watch cartoons, and when the weather is nice, children and their parents can wait for their appointments outside in the garden. Our staff members never wear uniforms, but instead wear sweatpants and colourful t-shirts. Everything is adjusted in order to reduce stress to the child.