When to be worried

Today, in the information age, parents more than ever want to know how their children are supposed to develop and what is normal and what not.  They read books, surf the Internet, and discuss issues in forums.  Being well-informed is always good, especially when one’s child is in question.  Even though it is the doctor’s (paediatrician’s) duty to determine whether or not a child deviates from the norm, a well-informed parent can be of great help, because it is the parent who spends the greatest amount of time with the child and is thus in a better position to notice certain details than is the doctor.  That is, of course, if he or she knows what to look for.

The purpose of this site is just that – to inform interested parents about what is normal and what not and about when to be worried and when not.

Today the majority of parents know that certain events are risky for the normal development of a child, for example, pregnancy complications, premature birth, difficult or complicated deliveries, and so on.  What we will try to distinguish between here are risk factors that can lead to damage to the central nervous system and signs that indicate that damage has already occurred.


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