Specialised in rehabilitation of children

  • Polyclinic Prof.dr.sc. Milena Stojčević Polovina

    Polyclinic Prof.dr.sc. Milena Stojčević Polovina is medical institution that is highly specialised in rehabilitation of children.

    We treat children with different developmental problems – children at risk for abnormal development, children with cerebral palsy, rare diseases, diseases of spine, brachial plexus palsy, but also all other children with any developmental problem.

  • Rehabilitation of children

    Complete rehabilitation team
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    • We are thankful to our “Auntie Doctor” for everything that our Mario can do, for treating him even though she knew that his chances were minimal, for encouraging us when we were unable to master a particular exercise and for believing that we could succeed. We wish to thank her again in this way because Mario is now a healthy child. Thank you!

      Marijo's parents
    • Today we live like any other average family. For this we owe thanks to the staff of the Polyclinic for physical medicine and rehabilitation – Professor Milena Stojčević Polovina for their love, determination and know-how. The only thing I deeply regret is that we didn’t go to the Polyclinic as soon as Marta was released from the Neonatal Unit.

      Marta's mom
    • Open and honest approach that is essential in Prof. dr. Stojčević –Polovina Polyclinic is priceless. We can freely say that Prof. dr. Stojčević –Polovina Polyclinic is a friend of our children and our friend as well.

      Malik's mom and dad
  • Stojčević Polovina rehabilitation method

  • The rehabilitation performed at the clinic is based on the years-long work, experience and scientific research of Prof. Milena Stojčević Polovina.
  • Every child is special. In the Polyclinic, the therapy is determined individually, but in the rehabilitation method according to Stojčević Polovina there is one idea that represents the basis of our work. For each child, regardless of the size of the impairment, we are looking for his/her potentials, and not limitations.
    Sometimes all we need is just a little stimulation of the development and in the moment we have a healthy baby.
    Sometimes impairments are very large with a high risk of permanent disability at several development levels.
    Sometimes there is a very small chance that our small patients will improve. When there is a very small chance, we try to make impossible.
    Sometimes it is necessary to try impossible. When we wouldn’t try for impossible, it would never happen. With lots of struggles, desires, beliefs in yourself and your child, impossible sometimes becomes possible.
    Fifty years of experience in rehabilitation of children has shown us that sometimes impossible is just a simple word.

  • Children who said no to CEREBRAL PALSY

    RESULTS OF REHABILITATION METHOD ACCORDING TO STOJČEVIĆ POLOVINA, film presented in the scientific part of the program at the European Academy for Children Disability 2010 in Brussels

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      Poliklinika za fizikalnu medicinu i rehabilitaciju
      “Prof.dr.sc. Milena Stojčević Polovina”
      Kosirnikova 14, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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